23 April 2021

Diving Into Craft Breweries World

 As we are starting a new project with a craft brewery next week I decided it's time to do a little information acquisition and see what kind of material is already existing. Craft beers are quite familiar to mee as I sell them for living (and spend some free time with them too...) What I like about almost every brewery is that they are not lacking imagination! Often in the supermarkets you see colourful packages, fun names and endless ingenuity.

I wanted to gather some of my all time favourite etiquettes, concepts or beer names I have seen over the years.

Beer label design: Pieruperse, Craft brewery: Olarin Panimo, Pictures collected from: Raimoleskinen.1g.fi

A year ago I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this Melbourne-based Australian craft brewery manufacturing a beer concept called Kalsarikännit!

Mikkeller is a CPH based brand who's labels are designed by Keith Shore